Monday, January 2, 2012

the Little one

As Shakespeare said..."the blessedness of being small."  My little peanut, Elsie Lea, turns 2 this week.  It's hard to believe and yet it also feels hard to remember life before her or without her.  Every child brings something special to the world, of course, and this one is no exception.  She is such a child of joy...happy, playful, affectionate, loving, mischevious....and many other qualities.  I feel like my words don't do her justice.  I am so very grateful to have her in our lives.  I wrote a poem for her last year and another one last night.  Here they are....

2011: My little E - all wrapped up

a short 12 months ago
you were all wrapped up in me
my big, round belly your home
the only place you knew
and then, you
were you
separate from me
still part fo the same being,
yet your own
a walking, talking, crying, singing, laughing
just you
all your own
not mine, not ours
just yours
beautiful and sweet
gentle and bold
now we are
all wrapped up in you.

2012: my sweet and spicy

you are many things wrapped
into one little bundle of goodness
you are sweet, snuggly
love to be held and touched,
cradled like a baby
to have your back scratched
your hair combed

you are mighty and fierce
strong willed and determined
independent and fearless

you are joy and laughter
your playful spirit
contagious and inviting

you are shy
you are bold
you are love
you are loved
sweet Elsie Belle.

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