Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Virtual Insanity?

"Virtual insanity is what we're living in."  Jamiroquoi

My husband is hot for a smart phone.  I'm not so sure.  I feel like I already have a tendency to be plugged in more than necessary and being able to carry that access around with me everywhere I go might not be a good thing.
Some time ago, one of my cousins posted something on facebook about why she was spending time on it as opposed to living life.  It caught my attention, as did one of the responses, which suggested that it was because she is a people person and it makes her feel connected.  I think that is true, but connected to what?
At a yoga training last fall, the teacher told us to notice where we spend our time when we aren't feeling so good and where we are when we do feel good.  Most likely we spend less time in front of the screen when all is well and more time in front of it when we don't feel so good or are seeking something we are actually not likely to find there.
I struggle with the whole technology piece in general.  I don't like for my kids to watch a lot of TV and of course, I have kids that beg for it, love it and always want more.  We never have the latest gadgets or technology, we don't have cable or flat screen TVs or smartphones, and I think I like it that way.  I get why my husband wants those things, but I feel this strong resistance to it.  I'm frugal (or maybe cheap?) too and I don't want to spend money on things that we don't really need. 
When I sit back and look at it, the problem really isn't the technology, it's me.  It's my inability to cut myself off from it or set healthy boundaries for how much and when.  I decided in the new year I would only check my email, facebook, etc twice a day.  I haven't followed it.  I did for a few days and quite honestly it is much  more interesting to open your email when there is something worth looking at.  When you only do it once or twice a day, chances are better there will be.  My draw toward this stuff is that feeling of being connected, the desire to feel like part of something greater than myself.  I don't have any answers really, other than, maybe I should work on being out of control on this one.  Maybe I should get on board with my husband and his smartphone dreams (being able to send a text without it taking 10 minutes to compose) and maybe I should figure out how to leave it alone and live smart.  Life isn't going to happen without me if I'm living it... that's virtual insanity.

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